Push notifications are the key to engagement in a Taxi Booking App. They maintain transparency and keep information flowing. Not only do they form the basis of an on-demand business, but they are also responsible for keeping customers loyal.


A consistently informed rider encourages taxi bookings with the help of push notifications. Achieving this repertoire defines the success of the modern-day taxi business. The topmost concern of entrepreneurs is finding different and swift ways to increase transparency. This is where push notifications really shine and give you an edge over your competitors.

Why Add Push Notifications?

The push notifications act as a digital concierge, guiding your riders through each trip while promoting your brand. This level of real-time communication can be the differentiator that keeps customers coming back to your service.

One of the really cool features of these apps is that they show your rider the real-time status and location details of the ride. After they book a taxi through the app, it constantly tracks where the driver is and shows their live location on a map. They can literally watch the driver’s car move toward your pickup spot.

Imagine a rider opening your app and requesting a taxi to their location. With push notifications, as soon as a driver accepts the ride, the rider gets an alert saying, “Your taxi is on the way! The driver will arrive in 5 minutes.”

The rider can then see the driver’s live movements on the map. Another push notification reminds them, “Your driver John has arrived!” so they don’t miss the pickup. This transparency builds trust.

After drop-off, a final push notification confirms, “You have reached your destination.” The app then prompts them to rate the driver’s service. This continuous communication through push updates provides a seamless, anxiety-free experience that customers really value. No more uncertainty about where their ride is.

Some apps even let users share live trip details and the driver’s location with family or friends so they can track the journey safely. But how can a push notification feature be added without hiring developers?

The “White-Label” Taxi App Companies

As a business owner, you want to start your own taxi service, but building a complete app from scratch is very expensive and time-consuming. This is where “white-label” taxi app companies can help.

These companies have already built the main taxi app with all the essential features. Their app is ready to use. You just need to put your business name on it. Moreover, with a white-label taxi solution, you get this push notification functionality ready out-of-the-box when launching. Other useful features like driver tracking, fare estimates, and messaging the driver are also included in the ready-made apps.

In other words, you don’t have to develop it separately. This allows even smaller taxi companies or new entrepreneurs to deliver an Uber-level experience and excellent customer service from day one without the massive investment into app development.

The Customer (Rider) App

The customer or rider app is how people will request and pay for rides. All good Uber clone codes will include rider apps for both iOS and Android phones. Some key features the rider app should have are:

  • Easy sign-up and account setup
  • Searching for available rides near their location
  • Viewing driver name, photo, and ratings
  • Watching the driver on a map as they come to pick them up
  • Paying for the ride through a secure payment system
  • Rating the driver and leaving comments after the trip
  • Getting fare estimates upfront
  • Splitting fare costs with other riders if needed
  • Viewing past ride history and receipts

The rider app is all about making it easy to book safe, affordable rides with transparent pricing and smooth payments.

The Driver App

The driver app is also essential, as it lets providers receive ride requests and manage pickups and drop-offs. Must-have features of the driver app include:

  • Easy signup and getting started process
  • Accepting or declining incoming ride requests
  • Getting turn-by-turn directions to the rider’s pickup location
  • Tracking the rider’s location once they’re picked up
  • Starting/ending ride once the rider is dropped off
  • Receiving fare payment after completing the ride
  • Rating riders and seeing their own driver ratings
  • Viewing earnings summaries and payment details

Both the rider and driver apps are intuitive, fast, and dependable. They provide a smooth experience, from matching to payment. With the right Uber clone, you can offer a top-notch taxi booking service!

How to Get a Pre-built Taxi Booking App?

The process is simple:

  1. You pay the white-label company a fee to use their pre-built app
  2. They customize it by adding your business name, logo, payment, etc. in 1-2 weeks
  3. And just like that, your branded taxi app is ready to launch!

You get an Uber-like app experience from day one, including modern features like push notifications, driver tracking, and in-app payments. This allows you to start booking rides and making money quickly.

Again, building this level of app would normally take many months and have huge costs. But white-label solutions are a fast, affordable way for entrepreneurs to launch a taxi service with cutting-edge technology.

As soon as you launch, your riders will be able to:

  • Get notified when their taxi is arriving
  • Receive updates if there are any delays
  • Track the driver’s live location and ride status

All through push notifications straight to their phone! This level of real-time communication builds trust and keeps customers engaged.


Getting a ready-made Taxi Booking app is a thing of beauty. The best ones will be available after several tests have been run on multiple devices and both the native driver and rider apps have successfully passed the heavy user testing. You can also strive for some standalone features apart from push notifications, like in-app messaging and email notifications, so your business will have a significant advantage in the current competitive market.