Imprinted umbrellas are a great way to get your name out there while protecting you from the elements. Offering guests a place to rest allows you to subtly but visibly promote your business. Consider these four considerations when ordering or designing umbrellas for your next event or for use in a restaurant or other public space.

1. The First Step is to Select the Appropriate Model.

A wide variety of commercial umbrellas are available, so it’s important to pick the right one for your needs. Choose an umbrella that works well with your venue and audience. Cantilever umbrellas or conventional custom patio umbrellas—which do you need? For what purpose will they be used? You should carefully consider the event’s purpose and venue size before requesting an umbrella from your supplier.

2. Use Your “canvas” to Express Your Imagination.

An umbrella gives you a sizable canvas to showcase your talents and brand. You can experiment with placing various visual elements throughout the “canvas.” Pick a color for the fabric that represents your company’s aesthetic first. The next step is to decide where your logo will go; generally speaking, it should only be featured on a single umbrella panel. The next step is to consider how you can promote your brand by using simple yet eye-catching visual elements.

3. Remember that People Will Associate Your Brand with the Standard of the Umbrella.

It would be best to remember that the quality of the promotional items you give out will be associated with your brand, so make sure to choose wisely. Please choose the best umbrellas you can afford because they will be a reflection of you.

4. Make Sure You Pick the Right Size.

The number of people you expect to be under your umbrella and the size of the area in which you plan to use it are two factors determining the best size for your umbrella. For instance, if you are setting up a buffet in a room with a dining table, the general rule is that each umbrella should extend over the table by at least two feet on each side. A six-foot-wide umbrella is necessary to cover a table that is 30 inches across its base (if round) or its length (from corner to corner) (if square). Please describe your space and the nature of your event (how many people will be attending, where they will be seated, etc.), so we can assist you in determining the appropriate size.

In conclusion, imprinted umbrellas are a practical and useful way to advertise your company while keeping your guests dry. Consider the event’s setting and goals as you shop for a model. Choose high-quality umbrellas that accurately represent your company and use them as a canvas to advertise your brand. Last, select an appropriate size for the anticipated number of users and intended location. By keeping these four things in mind, you can make a promotional tool that helps your brand stand out and is useful to your customers.