Has it been ages since you applied a fresh coat of paint to your home? Washed-out and old colours can affect the appeal of your home. So, rather than letting it stay that away, you can give your home an update and boost its overall value.

In fact, homes without colour sell for about $4,142 less than similar properties with colour. Applying a fresh coat of paint can make a great difference to the selling price.

Therefore, if you are planning to have your home painted and want it to be done professionally, you might want to hire the best house painter Calgary with the help of these tips:

1. Ask for Referrals

Many painters run local and small companies, and the services they offer differ. Some just offer painting, while others provide extra services, including wallpapering, plaster repairs, and trim & moulding.

Personal referrals can be very helpful when looking for a good painter. Ask for referrals from family, friends, or neighbors who have recently worked with the painter.

2. Look at the Previous Work and Experience

Hiring a painter with a good history in painting will come in handy. Longevity often shows that the expert has encountered all sorts of difficulties and has improved their skills. However, it is not always about how long a business has been in the industry. What matters the most is the quality of the services offered over those years.

An experienced house painter must have a good portfolio that showcases their previous projects. This representation will give you an idea of the style and quality of work to expect from them. While browsing, check whether their working style resonates with your goal and vision. Remember also to pay attention to the smoothness of finishes, designs’ intricacy, and colours’ vibrancy. A good portfolio always builds confidence in a painter’s skills.

3. Interview Several Candidates

Among the greatest reasons why most people aren’t dissatisfied with the painters they hire is that they fail to take their time to ask questions before making a decision. When meeting potential contractors to hire, treat that meet-up as an interview session.

Literally, they want the job, so ask all the questions you have. This will be the best way to learn more about your ideal painting contractors before hiring their services. Through the interviews, you will also learn about their personality and communication skills.

4. Opt for a Licensed Contractor

When enlisting the services of a house painter, it would be best to confirm whether they have been licensed. In other words, a good painter should have a license showing they are well-trained and educated to handle painting projects.

Licensure is also the best way to ensure that the project will be handled accordingly and that the employees have the skills or knowledge to complete projects.

The success of home improvement projects depends on the painting contractor you hire. By prioritizing factors such as licensure, referrals, and experience, you can easily choose the best house painter who will do a commendable job.