With increasing apartments offering new floor plans, more homeowners opt for homes for a different, cosier feel.

Wood decking and composite wood decking are two of the most popular options for Singapore homes’ balconies.

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A wooden deck on your balcony will undoubtedly enhance its alfresco feel. The question is, should you use natural wood decking or composite wood decking for your patio? We examine the advantages and disadvantages of these two decking options:

1) Decking Made of Wood

Homeowners should be aware that various materials are available for solid wood decking, including Chengal Wood, Ironwood, Balau, and Merbau. Chengal decking is the most commonly installed option in Singapore balconies because it is firm, stable, and has a more absorbent coating than other wood decking species. In addition, wood decking gives your tropical Singapore balcony a true sense of nature because of its natural qualities. It also offers better protection against heat and UV rays. However, unlike synthetic composite decking, balcony wood decking must be maintained semi-annual or yearly. 

You can also install a green wall on your balcony to complete the natural look!

2) Decking Made of Composite Wood

Composite wood decking is a more durable balcony decking option because it is made of an artificial resilient material that is resistant to outdoor weather conditions. It is also less challenging to maintain than wood decking.

However, homeowners should be aware that the quality of composite decking products varies due to different manufacturing standards. With many manufacturers available today, it is essential to learn about the decking product’s manufacturing source (rather than the marketing source).

After all, what’s on the inside of the composite decking is what’s important. So look for credible accreditation such as the Singapore Green Label and PEFC from responsible composite wood decking manufacturers to ensure their product is of the highest quality in terms of dimensional stability.

Composite wood decking products are available in various structures, including honeycomb and full solid. A seller may claim that the structure of their product is the most stable. The most important consideration, however, is the manufacturer’s warranty.

Is the warranty provided by the manufacturer or the distributor? If it comes from the distributor, it may be challenging to claim when necessary. As a result, if you are considering installing composite decking on your Singapore balcony, consider the manufacturing source before deciding on the best balcony decking option.

Knowing the credibility of the distributor and manufacturing source is the most crucial factor when looking for a suitable balcony decking for your home, regardless of the material you choose.