If you got married five years ago, it is likely that you and your spouse have already fallen into a routine. This may include taking the trash out and picking up your kids from school.

And although getting into the groove might be an amazing thing, as far as marriage life is concerned, it would be best to spice things up in the following ways:

1. Seek Counseling

If the going keeps on getting tougher and tougher, be sure to seek help. If your marriage has started falling apart and feeling stale lately, there will be no shame in scheduling therapy.

According to John De Ruiter, a marriage expert, couples visit a therapist for various reasons. They can feel they have lost a romantic touch towards each other, while others might want to explore sexual areas their partners are uncomfortable with.

A counseling session with the best therapist will offer a safer space for open communication so you can discuss your desires and wants.

2. Consider Going Beyond the ‘I Love You’

Telling your spouse ‘I love you’ normally happens daily in a very predictable situation. This can be before you go your separate ways every morning, turn the light off at night, or as the standard sign in your calls/texts.

The ‘I love you’ is a testament to a strong feeling that the two of you feel for one another and might be a phrase, which is uttered as a reflex with no need to say it twice every day.

This is why it is important to consider going creative and bringing that oomph back. Think of phrases such as ‘I am very lucky to have you’ and ‘you mean the whole world to me.’ Going beyond ‘I love you’ thing will ascertain that your partner feels and hear the heat beyond the love you sling their way.

3. Discuss Sex

Some couples feel at ease when they talk about sex, whereas others feel awkward and uncomfortable. Talking candidly with your better half about sex matters helps to deepen your connection and intimacy.

Share with your spouse what you need and want from sex life. Tell him/her what you really enjoy and if you had an amazing night of sex. Say anything, compliment your partner, and encourage him/her to do so again.

4. Reinvent Those Date Nights

No one said date nights must involve a movie or dinner. Apart from being blasé, it might as well go hard on your wallet and waistline. But having date nights doesn’t have to happen every day either.

Mixing things up so as to keep your spouse guessing will go a long way to spicing things up in your marriage. If you have little kids, consider hiring a babysitter to enjoy your date brunch.

The Bottom Line!

Marriage is a blissful, intoxicating, and wonderful thing. However, at times it is vital to look for better ways to spice it up. Because, like every entity experiencing change and growth during its existence, marriage can hit that point of ‘cruise control.’ And you don’t want that in your marriage.