Every responsible homeowner will already know a range of effective practices for keeping the home secure when away for an extended period of time. Naturally, locking everything and removing valuables from all outside locations is a wise move. So too is doing something about the valuables inside the home, perhaps leaving jewelry with a trusted friend or in another location.

Nevertheless, there are a range of further tried and true tips that are not so well known, and even more which involve new technology designed to make homes more secure. The majority of this new technology revolves around the concept of a smart home and all the technology that comes along with that, from AA rechargeable smart batteries produced by the likes of tech startup Pale Blue Earth, right up to smart fridges that can order food when it gets empty. Neither of these are security features of course, but they show the type of technology that can have real security potential.

Of course, we’re not at the point yet where you can completely abandon personal responsibility. Even when that technology does come along though, it is unlikely that most homeowners will be able to afford it at first. Instead, we’re in an intermediate stage and the best tactic is to mix tips and technology in order to give yourself peace of mind when you’re away on vacation or out of town for a week.

If security is a real concern for you, it might be wise to prioritize smart security technology when you get into building your first smart home. The day is coming soon, and security should always be a top priority.

The Best Smart Security Technology

But what is this security technology, and will it break the bank? Well, it actually doesn’t have to. Here follows a couple of very affordable products that can help with home security when you are not there:

Smart Burglar Alarms

Smart burglar alarms are often integrated into a wider smart security system (the whole point is that everything is connected). With such alarms, you can get an alert when one is triggered, meaning you can call the police there and then.

Smart Cameras

It is obvious how useful it would be to have eyes on your property when you are not there. Again connected to your phone, you can watch the different rooms and outside areas of your home remotely. This can be useful once and alarm is triggered, allowing you to get a photograph of the criminal. You can also see who comes to your door, whether it be the postman or a burglar.

Further Tips

Make the House Look Occupied

Burglars look out for post piling up, uncollected deliveries at the front door, and lights which are off or obviously on a timer. A great move is to ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pop in to collect your post every now and again, turn the lights on and off, and open and close the curtains.

Lock Up

And, specifically, lock up with a lock approved by your home insurance provider, allowing you to be covered in the event of disaster. Prioritize things of great value and put them under lock and key.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence On Social Media

Simple enough really. If you do this, criminals – the best of whom always monitor the home for a while before striking – could mark your home out as a target if you post about your absence.

Ultimately, technology is certainly getting better in this area, but you still need to be diligent and plan ahead.