If you are wondering which kinds of foods can boost your system, you are not alone. This is true, especially with circulating claims of immune-boosting concoctions, foods, and supplements, which ward off sickness, including coronavirus.

But the claims that a nutrient or food is immune-boosting are scientifically inaccurate and misleading. Simply put, immune-boosting is basically a marketing term and not a medical term.

It is, therefore, imperative to concentrate on supporting your immune system to ensure it works well. One way to achieve this is to eat granola – yes, you read it right!

So, What Is Granola?

Granola comprises rolled oats that are basically oat groats, which have been lightly steamed and pressed flat. It also contains puffed rice, nuts, and honey.

The whole mixture is usually baked until it becomes crispy, and you may take it anywhere and anytime as energy and immune-boosting snack.

Mostly, granola is used by individuals on the go, and this includes outdoor-oriented folks, hikers, and campers, who don’t have refrigerators to stock fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foodstuffs.

Why Immune System is Important

Your immune system may use all the help it might get. Even when the novel Covid-19 is not a threat anymore, or when it isn’t the flu and cold season, boosting your immune system is necessary.

Apart from adopting some healthy habits, such as prioritizing exercise, socializing with friends, building healthy relationships, and having enough sleep, you may also supercharge your immunity by eating granola.

Nutrients in Granola That Boosts Immune System

When buying or preparing granola to boost your immune system, you will have to ensure the following nutrients are present:

  • Vitamin E: Immune system is usually improved by vitamin E. It also provides protection against different infections.
  • Zinc: Research supports supplementation of zinc to reduce the severity and length of infections. Zinc also serves as the key player when it comes to immune response.
  • Vitamin C: Like zinc, it decreases the severity and length of respiratory infections, and at the same time, boost immune system.
  • Vitamin B6: Deficiency in this vitamin can reduce your ability to produce antibodies necessary to fight off infections. This helps to strengthen your immune system.
  • Vitamin D: According to experts, this vitamin helps minimize the risks of Covid-19 and Influenza infections.

Choosing the Right Granola

Since ingredients differ depending on the brand, it is vital to go carefully through nutrition labels to get all the benefits of granola.

Remember also to look at the ingredient list and avoid products with sweeteners or sugar as the first ingredients. Instead, prioritize products with dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and oats.

Final Thoughts!

Granola remains nutritious as well as filling cereal. It is not just a delicious snack. Granola is also a healthy cereal for breakfast, allowing you to boost your immune system and get other benefits.