Before earning a legal degree from the University of Windsor, Karen McCleave first earned a B.A. from Western University, where she participated in an honors program. After studying law, she was convinced that becoming an advocate as a barrister was the right course of action. For more than 30 years, Karen McCleave has worked as an assistant crown attorney and believes in giving back to the community.

Why Give Back to The Community? 

People give for various reasons, and one is apparent – gratification. You may give because you have a strong sense of compassion for a specific cause or group of people. You may also wish to serve as an example to others. No matter your reason for giving, this comes with unexplainable joy.

Focusing on your motives can help you identify the cause closely related to why you want to give back. Multiple avenues exist for lives to be protected and transformed by the power of social connectedness. Accept it and feel like a participant in something greater! 

Best Ways to Give Back to the Community

1. Forging a Career Path of Serving the Public 

Karen McCleave crown attorney represented the community handling criminal matters for more than 30 years. As an assistant crown attorney, she represented the weak and disadvantaged. Karen raised money for regional, national, and worldwide causes outside the courtroom. She also volunteered for organizations, including:

  • Courthouse Food Bank Drive
  • The Salvation Army
  • The High School Mock Trial Program

She believes best way to serve the communing is through the career path.

Is Giving Rewarding?

 Giving is rewarding, and Karen understands this too well. If you work hard and give back to society, you get rewarded in many ways. Here is how;

 Quality Health 

Are you aware that one advantage of helping others is that it is beneficial to your health? According to studies, people who volunteer more frequently have lower blood pressure, fewer symptoms of melancholy and anxiety, less stress, and higher happiness levels. 

Teaches You Something 

You learn a lot through giving. Whether you work as a volunteer at an animal shelter, plan a charity event, or serve on an organization’s board of directors. Your career may also benefit from that experience as you enhance your skills.

Attorney Karen McCleave gained more understanding of some of the persons she faced in her cases. This is because she spent years serving on the board of a nonprofit organization that assists people with mental health difficulties. 

Sense of Purpose


Do you feel stuck in a rut, like every day involves the same schedule and experiences? Giving can help! It increases sense and purpose. It disrupts your comfort zone and forces you out of a dull routine. Awaken with the knowledge that you have the power to improve society and transform lives! 


Giving back is satisfying because it creates a better environment for living and working. Regardless of the donation or cause, you can address problems that influence your neighborhood. You can achieve this by actively engaging in networks and different activities in your community.